Over the past couple of years, mobile technology has been widely adopted by several businesses looking forward to optimize and increase workforce productivity, foster cross-team communication, facilitate effective culture, boost enterprise collaboration and engagement, and improve customer service levels, while decreasing operational costs. In fact, IDC predicted the mobile workforce is expected to be 105.4 million strong by 2020 and account for 72.3% of the workforce in the US.


Although mobile technology has made inroads in the utility industry much later than other sectors, the impact that it can create is revolutionary. The future of a mobile-first strategy for utility workforces can certainly redefine the way field crews work and communicate – both in and out of the field.

Let’s look at how technology can set new milestones in the utility sector by powering the workforce with applications and solutions that can transform field operations, automate work orders, offer on-the-go training, measure performance metrics, and optimize asset management.

  • Utilities Using M2M Technology to Stand Out from the Crowd! Increasingly, field technology enabling first-time fix or preventative maintenance is becoming a key differentiator that allows connectivity of utilities, consumers, and field workforce in real-time. Utilities can trigger preventative maintenance, better inform and equip technicians before they get on site, reduce response time and improve service restoration times, thus enhancing operational efficiency and customer service levels and increasing overall customer satisfaction.
  • Device and Network-Agnostic Workforce Automation! Platforms with simple and interactive interfaces, developed by harnessing technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, mobile and big data analytics, which are also supported by mass-market devices such as smartphones, tablets and trip navigators, can help utilities connect with their field crew. Workers can access job, safety, and asset-related information in real-time from anywhere, at any time, regardless of internet connectivity.
  • Smarter, Agile and More Flexible Solutions!There is an increasing need in the utility industry for flexible, customizable and programmable solutions that can meet the specific requirements of the workforce. Through offering field-ready devices that can either be custom programmed or easily configured, utilities can save on deployment time, cost, and efforts. Availability of such configurable and flexible solutions also ensures that utilities can scale up these platforms as per their needs and ensures faster returns on investment (RoI).


Energy & utility companies are witnessing significant gains by deploying mobile field service solutions that increase productivity and profitably while decreasing operational costs and maximizing ROI. Organizations across the world are adopting mobile workforce technology to evolve from reactive to proactive service providers, where the focus is more towards overcoming challenges in providing field crew with real-time information related to work orders, service requests, asset mapping, service restoration assistance and enterprise collaboration where they need it the most – in the field. The need to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently has led to the best firms equipping their field crew with the right tools with better connectivity to access information easily in a complex world, and technology is certainly an aid that comes to the rescue.