‘The best preparation for any service disruptions tomorrow, is to better prepare today’.

Power is never stable and service disruptions are bound to happen. September 1st marks the start of National Preparedness Month, but before we get into the details let’s revisit our actions in the event of an outage.

Do we still look at our neighbors’ home to confirm an outage?

Do we still wait in the queue to get connected to the utility customer care? If yes, then we need to be better prepared today.

Outages Happen: Prepare Now, Learn How

Today technology has become a part of our everyday lives. AI and ML powered self - service solutions let you be connected in advance, be informed in advance, & be prepared in advance. We know, some outages are inevitable, here are some best practices you can follow to save your day –

  • Stay connected – You must stay connected with the community and help others with best practices and tips to handle the situation. Remember, your utility is just a click away. So, feel free to reach out to them for any queries.
  • Stay informed – Keep a check on the crew status, and any updates from your service provider.
  • Stay prepared – Do not panic and stay prepared for any situation. You know, everything will be alright.

We, at Smart Energy Water, are paving the way towards a better and sustainable tomorrow. Our hope from this National Preparedness Month is that we promote safety and preparedness for those residents and businesses who have chosen the self - service technology to make them more prepared. The question for you is – How do you want to act during an outage? Look outside the window with a question or look outside the window with a sense of relief.