The new mechanism of talking to devices and getting the most accurate and timely responses to our queries has caught the world’s attention. We can ask this reliable assistant anything - from dialing a number to answering the strangest questions imaginable and the task will be performed right-away.

Voice-driven technology is evolving at a fast pace - knowledge navigation, personalized support, and natural language command have been added to provide amazing opportunities for organizations to connect with their customers. To add to this, digital technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence continue to develop ways in which voice technology can be used to enhance customer experience. The goal is to quicken the actions customers take on their smart device and grow efficient by learning from their patterns and trends.

Notably, Google Assistant is a voice assistant powered by the world’s largest search engine, Google. It works by allowing its users to preset their preference or it observes users’ routine, patterns, and trends. It is thoroughly integrated with all the data Google has stored from a user’s email, calendar, google maps, search history etc. The platform has also been incorporated as a conversational assistant for digital apps in an endeavor to enhance the customer experience by providing an easy and prompt way to find answers to common customer queries. For instance, SEW’s award winning Digital Customer Engagement Platform, Smart Customers Mobile (SCM®) has added Google Assistant to provide a new way to serve its users. Google Assistant assists SCM® users in accessing their latest water or energy bill, checking payment due dates, checking for energy and water usage and checking for outages. But this is not where its service ends, the smart Google Assistant supports digital payments, making payments online for its users. Such unified services make way for not just a superior customer experience but help avoid wait time on customer queries, avoid repeat calls to customer service reps., and, most importantly, empower customers by making crucial information readily available.

Technologies that allow users to converse are becoming trendier and more prevalent and have been predicted to replace common technologies that are being used today. They present an amazing opportunity for utilities to connect with their customers. Not only is voice-driven technology being adopted faster than any other technology in the digital era, but it is also creating the possibility of having an equal or greater disruptive effect on the way users manage their lives, interact with brands and search for information. To continue providing the best customer service, in the way customers prefer to engage, utilities should be investing in apps that leverage these technologies to empower, delight and retain their customers.